Update on Asics Landreth 7 and a Little Bit on “Shrinkage”

Remembering two Saturdays back in Dallas TX, the middle of July, what a perfect morning for a 14.5 mile run.  Well, there really isn’t a good day in July in Dallas for a long run, but we did a have slight break from the humidity.  I had a chance to try on my new Asics Landreth 7s for a longer run and was glad for it.  Hurray, I think I have my new distance shoe.  Of course, I was still suffering a bit from whatever knee issue I’m having, but other than that I was good to go.  The group I run with is so great, too.  They run at the right pace for marathon training.  Some groups are out running their marathon pace each week, which I can’t do anymore.  The group I’m with knows very well that “you only run race pace on race day”, except for shorter speed work days, of course.  At any rate, I was in good company and it gave me a chance to test out my knee and the new shoes.  

The shoes really are pretty comfortable.  I did take time to pay attention to how my feet were feeling through the hotter temperatures and the usual torture tests.  No bad rubbing in uncomfortable spots, no pinching or toe bumping.  Hitting the surfaces felt natural.  Just what I was looking for.  Again, the best shoe is the shoe you don’t feel.  

The rest of the run was a bit of a challenge.  Taking on the hills took a toll on my energy and going down hill really stressed that bum knee.  I still managed to do it in fair style.  I had wonderful side support from our local Luke’s Locker Fit ATP leaders.  I just have to give them a shout out.  They were on the road at those niche intervals, offering water and the much appreciated Gatorade.  Oh yeah and ice, plenty of ice.  Is it rude to recommend a few cubes in your shorts to help bring down your body temperature?  We’re all runners here, so you know we get pretty frank.  

Honestly, I have been running marathons for 8 years and this was the first time I had tried the “ice down your shorts” trick.  It does make a difference, although I may have had a George Constanza moment after the run.  If you don’t get the reference, check out episode 20, season 5 when you get a chance.  You can find it on “Crackle” with an iPad or Roku player.

Fast forward two weeks and still going strong in my new Asics Landreth 7.  I’ve been faced with one pretty bad challenge this year in Dalls, the freaking heat and what it does to my shoes.  I mean, they come home very sweaty.  I have tried one time this year to simply put my other running shoes out on my patio to air dry after an eleven miler.  The result?  A funky (not the Parliament Funk) pair of shoes after just one long run, yes one run.  Cannot make that same mistake twice, so with the Landreths I placed them in the washing machine.  Oh no you may be crying out in your head, the death to my shoes.  I’m willing to wager that it is much worse to try to spray my shoes with some artificial odor killer than to simply let them handle the wash.  

Hear me out before you offer a total conviction on all counts.  

First off, I wash them with all my sweaty towels and running clothes from the day.  This means that the shoes should not have to hit up against the hard washer interior too much.  I also use a mild detergent like the Sports Tide or a liquid detergent.  Also, I use cold water.  I notice cold water works just as well as hot so long as the clothes, towels and shoes have not set around too long before washing.  This is a same day exercise to be sure.  Then I set the shoes on my back patio.  Not too sunny, but pretty warm and the shoes dry in about three hours.  I think they’ll last longer, since they will not have dirt and grime build up, which must break the shoes down as much as a weekly visit to my washing machine.  It’s worth it to me to risk one pair of shoes to see how this method will work. 

Or you could try this method of washing your shoes, but I don’t like applying brushes to my shoes.

I’m simply sick and tired of funky shoes before a run.  And this Texas heat is not going to give our shoes a break.  When I get done on Saturday mornings my shoes are soaked through from my sweat.  Nothing and no one deserves to endure that funk for too long.  Many spies would give up their secrets if faced with my shirt after a 10+ mile run.  I may give one of our intelligence agencies a call and offer my services.  

This Saturday another hot 16 miler and then back to the washing machine for my Asics Landreth 7.  Never, never stop running.

And if you have the time, watch this before the Olympics Marathon.

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